It's Not You. It's Me Sanctuary
It's Not You. It's Me Sanctuary
Laura Giles

Welcome to It's Not You. It's Me Sanctuary

Embrace the journey of self-discovery with our supportive network.

About Your Hostess

I grew up in a safe family and neighbhorhood. When I remember those days, it's like a happy dream of running barefooted, catching frogs, and jumping double dutch for hours that is wrapped in sparkles.

While leading a retreat one year, it dawned on me that I have been trying to recreate that feeling everywhere I went my entire life-in the corporate world, in my friendships, and in my community.

I thought, "Why isn't the whole world this way? Why can't we all feel safe and connected to each other and nature?" 

And that inspired The Sanctuary. 

Indeed. Why can't we? 

Why You Should Join Us

A Nonjudgmental Community

Even though you have to make your own discoveries, everything is more fun with company! Here you can ask questions, support others, lean on others, and share your adventure.

We're all mirrors for each other. Shine and reflect!


My retreats and tours aren't amazing solely because we go to powerful spiritual places. They are amazing because we have the emotional safety to soak it all up. Once I realized that, I knew that my sanctuary had to have that same vibe. You will find that there. 

It doesn't matter what your gender, color, religion, age, ethnicity, health status, size, or any other variable is, you are welcome here.


Some communities focus on goals, accomplishments, and success. There is a lot of pressure to get it right, do it now, and never let them see you sweat.

We are about open-hearted play. You can't do life wrong, but you can sit on the sidelines. Come on out and play with us!

Book Club 

Want the structure and guidance of a spiritual book club? We have one. We read spiritually inspiring books to keep us focused on love. It's optional, and you're welcome to join.


We have virtual and live gatherings to turn virtual relationships into real ones. 

Loved By Our Peeps

"Thank you seems so small and insignificant for all the large and vital things you did for me." ~ Jacqueline E.

"I kick myself for not starting sooner. This is life changing. Everybody needs to do this."~ Christiana P.

"This is so different that I didn't know what to think at first. It's exactly what I needed to burst through my blocks."~ Addison K.

"Thank you" is so insignificant for what you gave. You gave me things I didn't even know I needed. I feel more alive and more of myself than I ever have. ~ C. Franks

Pick Your Plan

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the free plan that includes everything listed above. 

The Temple

Think of the Temple as the "inner sanctum." The Temple includes:

  • A private discussion group that is separate from the Sanctuary.
  • A Help Desk where you can ask questions.
  • An "If It Were My Dream" group where you can post dreams for feedback or develop your own skills with reading symbols and metaphors, the language of the unconscious.
  • An ever growing holistic course that touches on the elements of sacred wheel of life that can help you to understand yourself, others, and the patterns of life so you are never lost again.
  • An accountability meeting once a month where Laura Giles works with the group to experience an aspect of life that will deepen your connection with yourself or others.

Virtual Red Tent

The Virtual Red Tent is a safe space for women to gather to explore what it means to have a womb. From menstruation, childbirth (or childlessness) to menopause and beyond, we share the kinship of blood. 

This space includes:

  • A monthly moon circle.
  • "Things We Don't Talk About" is a monthly guest speaker series where we talk about something typically considered "taboo" to break through the shame and restrictions.
  • A private space to talk to other natural born women.
  • A course on the four feminine archetypes.